About me


My name is Vanessa Marenco. I live in Turin (Italy) and I travel as much as possible: at times, I cross the world; at others, I jump on my bike to discover a new part of my city I don’t know yet.

This website is my treasure box, from which I can pick moments and places that have come to hold a special place in my heart, along the Journey.

I have written two travel books, so far. Both are available in Italian only.  The first collection of travelling stories (Racconti d’Irlanda) was published by Polaris Editore in 2016 and talks about my 8 years in Ireland, a country I love and always will.

The second book (“L’atlante dell’insolito. Un viaggio tra i luoghi del divenire”) deals with the fragility of our planet and describes places that are changing or disappearing and which, though beautiful, are often left outside the common routes. It was published in August 2019, by Alpine Studio.

I also write travel articles for the e-magazine, Latitudes Life.

You can follow my travels on Instagram. You can see my profile here. 

To travel is to live twice.