About me



My name is Vanessa Marenco. I was born in 1980 and Turin has been my home for a few years.

I travel as much as possible: at times, I cross the world; others, I jump on my bike to discover a new part of my city I don’t know yet.

This website is my treasure box, from which I can pick moments and places that have come to hold a special place in my heart, along the Journey.

I freelance for the Italian travel publishing company, Polaris. My first work with them is entitled “Racconti d’Irlanda”: it is a collection of travelling stories (in Italian only!) about my eight years in Ireland, a country I love and always will.

I also write travelling articles for e-magazine, Latitudes Life.

You can follow my travels on Instagram and Facebook – my nickname is Skandorina!

To travel is to live twice.