Fasten your seat-belts

In life and on flights sometimes you cannot choose. Airlines are shocking, in this regard: when you are boarding, some of them ask you if… Read more

Ode to Summer

Drawing things with your hands, outside the car windows, the warm wind touching you like a long-lost lover. Sleeping in my bed, wearing my short-sleeved… Read more

Anita, Astrid, Benny

I don’t like this seat. The middle one. Row 17. For a moment, I find it strange that Row 17 exists on flights. Then, I… Read more

Stop it now: airports

Behaviours that stun me when I travel. Part 1. Warning: this is going to be a controversial article. No diplomatic intermission has been granted. Read more

Are you going somewhere nice?

Detachment, but also over-population: in airports, we are all too close and simultaneously too far away from each other. We hide behind a pair… Read more

Why I travel

I travel because I need to remind myself that normality does not exist: the points of view are by definition partial, and we all follow… Read more

36 windows

They decided to paint the walls in their flat. A bin full of brushes leans against the second window of their balcony on the first… Read more