A journey on the Transmongolian Railway

Москва́ – Moscow

One night. The only rare interruption is given by train wheels lulling me across the 750 kilometers that took me from Saint Petersburg to Moscow. A few grumbled Russian words get… Read more

Life on a train

Tickets can be purchased at local train stations, or you can get them sent to you by numerous travel agencies that organise this kind of… Read more


I didn’t want to sleep in hostels or in small hotels. I wanted to see what Siberian houses looked like. I wanted to see their walls, their… Read more

Lake Baikal

636 kilometers from north to south, 60 kilometers wide. 1637 meters deep on its Western shores. It’s the present given by rotating drunken tectonic plates… Read more

Mongolia part 1

It feels like some kind of end is near. Initially you think you can stop all those intangible kilometers that run outside your window, then you realize… Read more


Here and now. Mongolia is now behind me, but I have often wondered would I see this landscape again one day. I spent nearly 8… Read more