She ● Utopia

Every time I think of her, I feel this immense tenderness, bittersweet, coming across in waves. At her place there is always someone who curses… Read more

No more yielding but a dream

They say everything about Liguria. They tell you that, we, hailing from these shores, are grumpy and stingy. That our sea is magnificent in some… Read more

Check Mate!

Oddly enough, my 2014 summer has been characterised by several cultural events about chess. I am not a player and I am probably not smart… Read more

Bedtime story

Those chains have been strangling her waist for centuries. Light does not reach her that often either: very few visitors venture to San Lorenzo di… Read more

Casa Hollywood

Looking up is the last thing that comes to mind. You are in a hurry. You do not even you realise where you are. In… Read more

Castel del Monte (Apulia)

A huge empty box You will find it some 60 kilometres from Bari. The superficial idiotic tourist would define it “a huge empty box”. It… Read more

Florence: the beginning of the cure

And yet It is practically impossible to talk about Florence without sounding predictable, without mentioning Brunelleschi’s Chapel, Giotto’s Bell Tower, the Uffizi and… Read more

What time does Venice close?

The tracks There is nothing more beautiful than a rattling train: the movement, the shifting of one’s point of view. The tracks running eternally in… Read more