Travelling. That’s my passion.
Travelling is what I truly enjoy and what makes me who I am.

I am curious, and I believe in Difference.
I feel wired, when I am about to board a plane or an Inuit boat. Excited on my way up into a minaret or a skyscraper. New stamps and visas on my passport are my immense source of joy.

Writing and photography allow me to freeze and track back that very moment that will not return.
Time is powerful and my memory fades and lets go, too often, at times.

This blog starts here.

Sometimes you’ve got to do something different. I won’t let go. This blog is my victory over time. I will write of my past and future travels. No need to follow a time thread. Time is evitable for those colours, and smells, and visions.

I hope you will like this.