An incredible Italian story: Museo Archeologico Faggiano in Lecce

Some weeks ago, at the end of 2016, something called Fate led me to a truly amazing Italian story. I was visiting Lecce when I ended up at the “Museo Archeologico Faggiano” where I spent a few hours with the person that created, not without difficulty, this fascinating private foundation.

I came home and I decided to share this truly Italian story with you. “Latitudes Life”, the exquisite online magazine I write articles for, accepted to publish the adventure. Before my article, the “New York Times” spoke about it some years ago.

Please share the links below with your contacts. I believe places like “Museo Faggiano” and people like Signor Luciano and his sons make this country unforgettable.

Don’t you think this story could become a great movie?

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