Becoming a “contributor”, or how to feel cool on a Monday

We all need some good news to kick start our Mondays, don’t we?

Well – my good piece of news arrived just a few minutes ago. They called me from the newsroom of “Latitudes”, the graceful online travel magazine I have written articles for since February 2016.

They told me that I am officially one of their contributors. It does not get cooler than this, does it?

“Latitudes” publishes high-quality travel reportages and provides interesting ideas for big Journeys (with capital J) and for shorter breaks. They also share inspiring travel stories, such as Mattia Miraglio’s who walked 50.000 kilometres in 5 years around the world. They also suggest travel-related books and music.

Now, I am officially part of the team! This is the link to the contributors’ page

This, instead, is the list of the articles I have written for them so far. They are in Italian only, but if you speak the language and you liked the contents, please share them on your social networks:

Will you celebrate with me tonight?

Are you not free? Well … it means that I will celebrate with Billy Elliott, because I feel a bit like him in this video at the moment.

 Interview on on my book   Toirano’s Caves: we have been curious for millions… 

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