Collaboration between Latitudes Life and Polaris Editions

Dear friends,

Something really cool is after happening and today I would like to share with you this news. You have been so supportive all these years: it’s the least I can do for you!

As you know, since last year I have written – in a very (ir)regular fashion – articles for the Italian online travel magazine Latitudes Life. If you understand Italian, you may find here the list of all the posts I have put together for this wonderful online platform.

As you know too well, the Italian publishing company “Polaris” trusted me and published my first collection of travel stories “Racconti d’Irlanda” dedicated to my previous life on the Emerald Island. For those who still do not know where to buy my book, you can do it directly on this link.

Some weeks ago, a collaboration between these two remarkable Italian companies started: if you click on this link, you will be able to travel through the words and the knowledge of the authors who, like me, have the privilege of writing for this publishing house.

At the end of May, Dario Giardi’s article opened this series and was dedicated to Brittany (here). A few days ago, Corrado Passi’s reportage on Cape Town took us to South Africa (here).

It will soon be Ireland’s turn and not only the content of the mini-guide will be mine, but also the photographs! Stay tuned!

Holidays are coming up for many of you: could this new section on “Latitudes Life” be a magic box full of ideas for those that are about to start their summer holidays?

Spread the news, and stay tuned!

Big hugs from your Skandorina  

 “Racconti d’Irlanda” in Torino, again! 8th June @6.30…   “Racconti d’Irlanda” – new event in Torino! 

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