It would not have been the same

Yep, it would not have been the same without you.12 months ago I started this website. We started it. It would have been very different without your support, comments, visits. My goodness, 10,000 visits in one year. This post goes to you, to thank you for sharing my link on your social networks around the world. This post goes to you, whenever you are to wish you all the best during the upcoming festive season: may this be a healthy year, filled with new journeys. May your roads be endless. May you walk on them with someone you love and care about. I have always been very lucky in this regard. Ok, dear readers – this is it! I will leave it up to you to decide about the soundtrack of my 2014 post to you: are you into snow? Click here! Are you in a rock party mood? If so, click here and enjoy! Big hugs from Skandorina

 Dance first, think later: a new article on…   New article on “Conexion” 

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