Let’s start again!

Dear travellers,

You haven’t heard from me for quite a long time. Some of you noticed my absence. Others have understandably had most relevant things to do in their lives instead of checking my website to see if something new had come up.

There are several reasons behind this silence.

Some have been purely personal: you know yourself, work and stuff, laundry, food shopping, etc.

laundry washing machine GIF by James Curran

Others have been exceptional. Among these reasons, I can share one in particular: I have written a book. Yes, my second travel book. At present, I can only say that it will be a collection of travel stories. All of them share the same topic or theme (which, obviously, I cannot reveal at present!).

As they say in English, stay tuned.

Before the end of the year, I will be able to tell you more about this new writing project.

Season 1 GIF

Last but not least, in a few weeks, I will upload brand new stories and photos on this platform. And yes, you will receive your monthly travel pills again: I bet you couldn’t wait!

As usual, I hope these words of mine will find you somewhere exciting on this beautiful yet fragile planet.

Big hugs!

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