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Dear travellers,

As you know by now, India is one of “my” parts of the world. 

I wrote about it several times on this site (a story, among many, could be this one), I photographed it (here and here) and I talked about it in my second book.

Le forme dell'IndiaIndia is the protagonist of many books and films that I have loved throughout the years: I have recommended some of them in my monthly “travelling pills” (but if you missed them, no worries – drop me a note and I will happily send them to you) .

In recent months, “Le forme dell’India” by Silvio Grocchetti kept me company during the Christmas holidays (which now seem to have taken place 12 years ago) and has joined the list of my readings dedicated to this country. 

My latest article for Latitudes Life tells you why you should read it if you are – even vaguely – considering going to India.

Here you will find my review and here you will find the link to the page dedicated to the book.

Happy reading, dear Skandorinis!

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