“Statues also die”: a new, unmissable exhibition at the Egyptian Museum in Torino

Dear Skandorinis,

Most of you know that Torino is home of the largest Egyptian Museum in the world, after the one in Cairo.

Some of you might know that I love this institution and his super cool director, Christian Greco: they are a beacon of culture in those somehow dark years in Italy.

If you happened to be in Torino, then, you should visit the temporary exhibition on the third floor. It’s titled “Statues also die” – you might get an overview of its content here:

If you speak Italian, then, you might want to read an article I wrote for the Milan-based travel magazine “LatitudesLife”:

Enjoy the exhibition and please do visit the Egyptian Museum in my city! 


 LatitudesLife: a new portal and a new article…   “Praga” is in Warsaw … 

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