The transient nature of Beauty

Dear Readers,

Will you be passing by my wonderful Turin before March 1st? If so, please make time to go to Via dei Mille 25/c. Ask for the atelier “Mutalibis”. Walk in, and enjoy a true gem: from tonight, a small but interesting selection of black and white photos will be available for viewing. The exhibition is titled “Tra i rami”. Someone behind the camera tried to freeze time in our elusive but wondrous city. That someone is Piergiuseppe Anselmo who is a far too humble graphic designer. Piergiuseppe (aka Beppe) took shots of that evanescent connection between tarmac and trees, leaves and objects that slip away or fly high. Reflections on trams and hugs windows. I cycled home whistling. When this happens, it means my soul is wider and my breathing more regular.

If you want to get in touch with Beppe, these are his hyper-technological contact details: Beppe’s Facebook and Beppe’s Flickr

 The best Christmas present ever, dear friends of…   London secret gem: a new article on “Conexion” 

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