Will you celebrate with me tonight? My book is out on sale!

You have no idea how happy I am tonight. My book is officially on sale! It feels like being at an airport gate, you know, where you are about to leave on a journey. Everything can still happen.

As they say at the Academy Awards ceremony, “this would not have been possible without” my parents, and some friends that are way more than friends. You know exactly who you are, out there. Nothing would have happened without Polaris, the Italian publishing company that has walked besides me in this adventure. I will never be grateful enough for their trust.

Shortly, my book will be available on numerous national and international online platforms. However, I would kindly suggest you purchase it (if you want to purchase it, that is) directly from their website. You will be entitled to a discount according to the quantity you will buy. How? Please refer to the visual guide attached here:

How to buy my book from Polaris

Some of you asked me if it is possible to buy the book at Italian bookstores. I will shortly dedicate a post to this topic.

Thanks once and again, everybody.

I am now going to prepare some chamomile tea to calm my nerves 🙂


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