My new book is out: the Atlas is here!

Dear Skandorinis,

it’s official: my new book is out. It sounds like a pretty small thing, right? It doesn’t take much to put together a few words, a few pages here and there. It only takes a moment, doesn’t it? In reality, it’s been months of immense happiness and sleepless nights and research and phone calls and blank pages and then full pages.

And now, here we are.

The book is titled “L’Atlante dell’Insolito – Un viaggio tra i luoghi del divenire”, which can be roughly translated as “The Atlas of the Unusual – A journey through the places of the Becoming”.

It is available in Italian only and it is published by Alpine Studio, a publishing house full of professional and human people who supported me and cared for me with love during the course of writing.

The volume is now part of their “Orizzonti” series, dedicated to women and men who had the courage to follow the call of the world.

And my Atlas speaks of this world, this fragile and precarious planet. It is an invite to travel through places that are changing or disappearing and which, though beautiful, are often left outside the common routes.

Over the years, after long vagabonding between Europe, Asia, and the United States, I realised that my curiosity had begun to draw a clear guiding thread: the Becoming understood as inexorable change.

The places – also told through the testimonies of those who loved and lived them – show the human impact on our planet. And between decline and beauty, I tried to follow an unusual path that leads back to the natural circularity of life in which the conclusion is always the return to a new, and perhaps greener, beginning.

My heart is skipping a few beats, as I write this announcement. Because a new book is a promise. It is an attempt to change something. It is a journey before it’s all too late. It is a declaration of love for this small, big planet.

The book can now be purchased on Amazon ( , or it can be ordered in Italian bookstores. More information will follow in the coming weeks, but I had to tell you.

Because I’m happy. Happy as it hadn’t happened to me for years.

[Many thanks to Susan Tonso, for the wonderful photographs – please check out her website, she is extremely talented:]

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