Paratissima – my travel photographs exhibit in Torino

Dear readers, 

I told you some great news were coming our way. 

From October 31st to November 4th 2018, the 14th edition of Paratissima will take place in Turin. Here you will find all the information on this incredible exhibition:

PARATISSIMA 14 – Feeling different

During these days of beauty and creativity, I will be a guest of Ebe Tirassa, at her studio of pottery and sculpture ( in the center of Turin, in via Vanchiglia 16 (inside courtyard).

Come and see me.

We will travel through a lesser-known Asia: Iran, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan, Israel and Mongolia will be the destinations of our itinerary.

For me, traveling is the best way to spend time. It does not seem important to me, however, how much road you travel: there are trips that happen to you in the street where you live, and others instead thousands of miles away. What remains central, however, is  those you share your road with, whoever happens to be near you while you take a train that will take you through the Asian Russia to Mongolia, or who stops and smiles at you as you climb the Towers of Silence in Yadz.

I believe that the human being is a value in itself, and that we owe it respect.

This exhibition was born as a celebration of those who shared with me some moments of my travels in Asia.

I will be present during most of the period of the exhibition, but to be sure to find me, follow the directions you will find on my Facebook pages.

Will you be there?

See you soon in Turin!

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