“Racconti d’Irlanda” in Padua!

Dear readers,
What are you up to tomorrow? Will you happen to be in Padua, by any chance?
From 6.00pm onwards, I will be the (very happy) guest of the Library “La Forma del Libro” where I will be presenting my book. 

It is going to be a special evening because this presentation is part of the exhibition “Il giro del mondo in 10 giorni”, which means “Around the World in 10 Days”. Exciting, right? 

It will be a great evening also because at the end of the event, around 7.00pm, there will a performance of the musical trio “New Landscapes” composed by Silvia Rinaldi (baroque violin), Luca Chiavinato ( baroque lute) and Francesco Ganassin (bass clarinet).

This is the address:

Libreria “La forma del libro” Via XX Settembre, 63-67, 35122 Padova.

Will you be there? 

 My first reprint!   “Racconti d’Irlanda” in Pordenone! 

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