“Racconti d’Irlanda” in Pordenone!

Dear readers,

I cannot wait to share some new updates with you. Do you know where you will find me and my book on Saturday 8 April at 8.45 pm?

I will be at the unique bookstore “Quo Vadis” in Pordenone, in the North-East of Italy (here).

This fascinating bookshop will wait for you when you get there:

Visiting this part of Italy is always such a heart-warming experience. Some great friend live there and they welcome me back with great wines and wonderful travel stories (here).

So … will you be there?

This is the address:

Corso Garibaldi 4/c all’interno di Corte Torres
33170 Pordenone (PN)  ITALY
Tel: +39 0434 247560


 “Racconti d’Irlanda” in Padua!   “Racconti d’Irlanda” back in Torino! 

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