Supreme geometry: the Universal Exhibition in Milan – Expo 2015

Beauty comes to us in many different ways. Some find it in the eyes of their children. I often locate it in architecture. Buildings are reflections of Humanity’s greatness, and I mean Humanity in the most extreme and superior sense, sort of super-national. They show the endless possibilities our brain can provide. It doesn’t matter where I am or have been, I’ve increasingly taken photographs of an almost unlimited number of houses, bridges, buildings, viaducts, stations, airports, ports, highways. These pictures are not only my way of positioning these memories in some sort of eternity. When I look at the lines, ovals and intersection of 2 streets, I can also see a supreme geometry that conveys an unexpected peace of mind: it calms me because it confirms that Humanity can be an efficient killing machine, but also one excruciatingly aiming at perfection. It reassures me because, between those lines and circles, some sort of meaning appears. It’s loosen, and unclear at times, but it is there. In buildings and constructions, winds are intertwined with dreams, which become accessible for those who come and go, and for those who observe them a bit absent-mindedly. There are squares, fountains, and palaces that sometimes become our family, or the harbour we want to come back to or get away from.

With all this in mind and my Nikon in my hand, I visited the Universal Exhibition [click here to learn more] in early September. I looked for lines, shapes and waves in the pavilions that have magically brought the world to Italy from May to October 2015. Expo Milano 2015 was officially the celebration of food and nutrition. For me, it was a remedial lesson in Greek. While I was looking for abstract forms along the Cardo and Decumano, I remembered that the term geometry comes from two beautiful words: γή = “earth” and μετρία = “measure”. I came to think that through geometry, Humanity has placed the basis for the development of geography, mechanics, astronomy and navigation. I realized that, through all those lines and circles, Mankind has always wanted to travel and discover new horizons. And horizon is nothing but yet another line, which separates heaven from earth. And incidentally, its etymology can be found in the Greek expression “ὁρίζων κύκλος”, which means “separating circle.” Lines, circles. Balance. Meaning.

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