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The “Angeles” of LA

Dear readers,

a few months ago, I drove across a unique part of the US.

The first ones to leave something within me were the “Angeles” of Los Angeles. In a good and a bad way, obviously. I therefore decided to dedicate the initial series of photographs of this journey to them: the skaters at the Z-Boys park in Venice Beach, those who sleep on the streets, to an old sad clown, to a woman in the ocean in front of Santa Monica.  I wanted to dedicate this first gallery to the Lost Angels of Los Angeles, to those people who are walking faithless without touching each other. To the dreams that have become reality and to reality that is constantly shattered in the city where everything is possible and nothing is real.

Scroll down to the bottom of the US photogallery to view some of the LA’s souls:



 Los Angeles. Or Lost Angels?   United States of America 

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