This book saved me. And it took me to Yemen.

Travellers of my heart,

During the lockdown period, I read practically nothing. Here: I confess! I already mentioned it in the Pandemiche podcast a few weeks ago (you can listen to it here if you missed it, and if you speak Italian). I couldn’t concentrate on pages of other people’s words. Has this happened to you too?

For the past few weeks, instead, I have slowly started to read again for pleasure. I still struggle a bit with it, but I hope that the situation returns to some normalcy, because every book is basically a small journey in itself.

For me, the first of these adventures was the work of the Italian travel author, Elena Dak: “Sana’a e la notte” (Unfortunately, the book is only available in Italian.).

In a way, this book saved me a little: it took me far, indeed far, to Yemen. 

So I decided to talk about it in an article for Latitudes Life. You can find it here: 

Close your eyes and follow Elena up to one of the white roofs of Sana’a. From up there embrace the most beautiful and famous city in Yemen.

(And if you decide to buy the book, please purchase it from your local bookstore).

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