Tutto in una notte: maratona in notturna Parco Dora – my first official victory

Dear readers,

Some weeks ago, I took part in a photo competition promoted by PhLibero here in Torino.

Participants had the whole night to take photos of one of the most fascinating districts of my city, i.e. Parco Dora. It is a post-industrial park that spreads across 450,000 square metres. Since the end of the 19th century, it was where some historical factories in Torino could be found: Ferriere Fiat, Michelin, Savigliano and Paracchi. They had their main production lines here until the 1990s, when they gradually began to be dismantled.

To my great surprise, I won one of the prizes of this competition: the Jury awarded my series of photos with a “special mention as the best artistic project in black and white”. You may view my project by clicking on the following:

  • PhLibero – YouTube Channel (my photos start at 18′, but all the photographers that took part in the competition were extremely talented, so you may want to view all the photographs included in this video)
  • PhLibero – Facebook (in Italian)

I have often thought of Parco Dora as one of the futuristic places in Torino: each time I went wandering in this post-industrial park, I couldn’t help but thinking of one of my favourite movies, i.e. “Blade Runner”.  During the night between Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May, when the competition took place, I tried to convey an idea of the charm Parco Dora can give the passer-by. I began with small details, to then move forward to the universal, following an unexpected revelation of some sort.

Then, dawn came and it found me walking among those that were cooling systems, in a place where they used to make ingots to produce pipelines, springs and metal sheets.

It is a joy for me to share this small, but incredibly huge (for me!) victory. Over the coming weeks, I will try my best to share with you further news about this project. Stay tuned!

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