Uno sguardo sul Nepal – Charity Event – June 27th 2015

Dear readers, good evening!

On June 27, the Cultural Association “Franco Antonicelli” in Turin will host a charity event aimed at raising funds for Nepal. The following message was forwarded to me by the organiser of this event, Erika Fortunato, a very talented photographer and artist in my city:

“Dear friends, this is journey. A journey towards the magical Nepal, a land that was shattered by an horrendous earthquake last April. We would like you to join us in this journey through the eyes and the vision of a group of passionate photographers  We asked them to give an image that will be exhibited on June 27th at the Cultural Association “Franco Antonicelli” here in Turin.

Each image will be a means to bring practical help to a nation that is in the midst of a humanitarian catastrophe. The works will be put up for sale: thanks to the generosity of both the artists and of the Cultural Association, the proceeds will be ENTIRELY donated to Namaste Onlus, who has worked for years in Nepal as humanitarian representative for the protection and safeguarding of fundamental rights: food, clothing and education. During the evening you will have opportunity to view material that documents the current situation and the direct experiences of Namaste as a non-profit organization working in this country. We would like to invite you: if you choose to bring home one of the exhibited works, it will not be a nice gesture, made in the name of solidarity towards this proud and welcoming people, soaked in ancient traditions that is now destroyed by a natural disaster.

Among the artists who donated their work we will include: Dario Lanzardo, Mauro Raffini, Paul Ranzani, Luca Saini, Claudio Cravero, Marco Galliero, Nanni Mannolino, Barbara Malacart, Pier Corradin, Maria Crocco, Rodolfo Suppo, Silvio Valpreda, Gerardo Di Fonzo, Bruno Panebarco, Davide Suppo, Vanessa Marenco, Gianpiero Trivisano, Erica Fortunato “.

If you live nearby, please join Erica on June 27th. I will not be around on that night, but these are some online resources I kindly ask you to share:

Official Invitation

Facebook Event Page (in Italian)

Thank you and speak soon!

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