L’Atlante dell’Insolito: an interview on “MescalinaBackpacker”

Dear Skandorini,

A few days ago a new interview dedicated to the “Atlante dell’Insolito” has become available. 

If you speak Italian, you can find it on “MescalinaBackpacker”, a site created by two friends (Enrico and Alessio) who share the same passione for travelling:

Interview MescalinaBackpacker

Enrico contacted me a few weeks ago, telling me that he had read (and, thank goodness, much appreciated) my second book. I immediately liked his sincere and frank way of speaking, full of positivity and curiosity, so from an initial message, we ended up having a long “written” chat, which has turn into into the interview above. 

Risultato immagini per radio vintageThe article, however, is just the beginning: in a few weeks, in fact, you will also be able to listen to a long conversation that Enrico and I have on Radio Orte. Elisa will also be with us: she is one of the two presenters of the station’s section dedicated to the world of travel.

We will certainly talk about my second book, we will mention the first one (which was dedicated to Ireland), but I will also tell you how this website was created, and I will share some facts on other journeys that are available only on Skandorina’s Diary.

Stay tuned!

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